Tuesday, November 28, 2006

We're going to Disneyland!

My husband and I just love Disneyland. I suppose there are many reasons. He was born in the same month and almost on the opening date itself! I came along about a year later, so for us Disneyland represents our years here on this earth. I grew up in Southern California in Santa Ana, to be exact. We grew up watching the Mickey Mouse Club and fell in love with all the characters. I can't even tell you how many times I have been to Disneyland. There I am to the right in front of the flower cart, remember those? I remember such things as the flying saucers, the pirate ship that was a restaurant, the carrousel of progress, Swiss family Robinson's tree house, the grape juice stand, the chatter boxes, (this one was one of our particular favorites. We would be dropped of there for babysitting, and about noon or so we would call our mom's using the chatter boxes. These were little rooms that were private and you could talk on a "speaker phone"! Hence the word chatter boxes). I remember the sky buckets and the people mover. I remember when you could take the secret door and get inside the castle up to the top and look out at everyone. I remember when Fort Wilderness was a true Fort that you could climb and explore in. I was friends with the only cast member who was ever killed at Disneyland. She died on the carousel of progress. Her name was Debbie Stone. I never went in that ride again. I hear it is in Florida. So many things change at Disneyland, yet so many things stay the same. I love the feeling you get when you go through the gates. I love going to the market house where you can get a great cup of Disney coffee, and if the phones on the wall are vacant, you can listen in to a real party line. Yes....I am old enough to remember real party lines. I had one when I lived in Ohio. Anyway, If I could, I'd go to Disneyland for every vacation. Hey, maybe I can retire there!

Here we are getting ready to blast off on Space Mountain. We were one of the first ones to go on it in the 70's. We are acting scared because the sign says something like..."ride at your own risk"

Why do we go to Disneyland? For a little magic!

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