Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Click on my photo! Try not to laugh! Merry Christmas!


geno said...

I LOVE IT! most amazing post ever!

i love you

SammyJo said...

What a wonderful post, and welcome to the LDNers club :-) I'm SammyJo and I've been getting better on LDN for almost 3 yrs. I published my story, and surveys of others using LDN for MS at

Getting research started has been a big goal for those of us that have found LDN to be such a help. Patients have rallied together and raised $25,000 to fund it ourselves, because we know there's no corporate motivation since it is generic (their not evil, it's just good ol capitalism!).

Soon I will be announcing the major medical school that has stepped forward to investigate LDN for MS in humans, which we have awarded the fund to. And even the NMSS is finally getting on the bandwagon (after thousands of calls and letters I'm sure). They have awarded a grant to Penn State to do an MS animal study of LDN. So patients have made history, by taking charge first of our own health, then of medical research into why this little pill works its wonders. Now all who need it will be able to benefit as well. Happy Holidays! SammyJo

Marti said...

You look so amazing! What a great picture!