Saturday, December 23, 2006

First Cappuccino

Time is flying by for Christmas. My Christmas begins tomorrow when our kids come over after Church and before....Church. (the Lessons, Carols and choruses service) But yesterday we watched CJ and had some friends stop by. They wanted some of Gene's famous cappuccino. Rhett decided to give CJ her first taste of the brew! And look....she couldn't get enough. I don't know if she slept last night. ;-)

Anyway we had a nice time having a couple of drop ins and delivering the last of the Hanukkah gifts to a dear family friend.

Oh, yes I could not have done all of this if I was still on Betaseron. I still feel so wonderful even though I am tired and a tad bit overwhelmed. We went to Target yesterday and even the mall with CJ. How amazing is that? I am thinking about just going out this afternoon because I can!

Have a wonderful Christmas, and if I don't post tomorrow....."I'll see you on the flip side"

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