Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I was looking through some pictures for something, can't remember what, and I came across this lovely picture of my mom. She is no longer alive so I am not sure how old she is, but I am guessing she is a young adult. I started to realize how much we look a like.
Now what does this have to do with LDN or MS? As I was thinking about her life, I realized she had the form of diabetes that they think is auto immune related. So I started to wonder if something in our genes make us prone to auto immune diseases? I remember her talking about her nerves "crawling" and scratching like crazy. She also had an auto immune disease called Hashimoto's. It is a disease where your body attacks your thyroid. I have MS, Asthma and Hypothyroidism. My daughter has Asthma. Seems to me all these things are linked. I don't know why I am writing about these things but perhaps someone is out there doing research and this information would be helpful.

By the way.....I did a test on myself today. One of the neurologist tests they perform is to have you close your eyes and stand. Healthy people can stand with no problem, what I do is fall to my left all the time. I have to open my eyes to break my fall. This has been going on since 1989. I tried the test today and didn't fall. I really think the LDN is working and am so thrilled about it!

By the way, my daughter looks like us too! Maybe her health genes are better!


Marti said...

Love these pictures!
So the moral of the story is: faulty genes, but great cheekbones? =D
You're still so beautiful.

Pam Pensiero said...

Thanks! Don't you just love those 50's pictures? C.J.'s cheeks go the opposite way =D Get's that from her Dad's side! Look for you on line today!