Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Do you remember?????

I love Disneyland, as I have said before...many times :-)

On one of our trips to DL we found about the world of pin trading. What a fun thing they have come up with! A few months ago I came across this series of "surprise" pins that featured the discontinued attractions. I don't know why, but they tugged on my heart. And since I can't go to Disneyland and find out where they are released, I would rely on eBay!

Do you remember the Pirate Ship Restaurant? I sure do! I remember The Carousel of Progress, The Swiss Family Tree House, The Motor Boats, The People Mover, The Sky Buckets on and on. My husband boasts of remembering the Flying Saucers and the House of the Future!

I spent most of my young childhood in Southern California and in those days it was "normal" to be dropped off for the whole day at DL. My friend and I would call home each day from the Chatter Boxes! Such an amazing thing. You went into a room and shut the door and made a phone call and everyone could talk at once! Maybe that is why DL has such a warm place in my heart. It reminds me of a different time. A time of innocence and wonder. I miss those things at DL. I miss the Casa De Fritos. I miss the mule train. I don't think the Muppet's belong there or the power rangers. I guess I am just old.

I can almost taste the grape juice from the Sunkist Citrus House and the rock candy and white chocolate! The rock candy and white chocolate is still there and instead of grape juice you can get a really killer pineapple freeze thing.

Can't wait to go and smell the air again! Even if I can't be changed into the size of a molecule, I can still dream a million dreams! If you would enjoy reading about the old rides of yesterday
click HERE and enjoy! Look what I snatched on eBay...it is a replica of the teacup ride! How cute is this? I am almost spinning! Good Night!


Marti said...

Still miss ice cold coke in a bottle from the Coca-Cola Corner. (sigh)
Thanks for sharing! Cute teacup.

Geno said...

i want those pins!!!! they're fun.

good post.

love you