Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Olszewski miniatures

I feel so bad that I haven't posted in a few days. We were busy taking down our Christmas decorations. Now before you think it is too soon you must remember we put ours up the week before Thanksgiving, due to the fact that we were going on vacation the week after. Anyway, we worked for 3 days from 8:30AM to about 6:00PM. Why am I telling you this? It is because I worked all that time and wasn't even spent! I can't believe how I am still feeling on the LDN. (please see previous posts) I have been off the Betaseron for 2 months now (after being on it since 2001) and I still am amazed at how wonderful I feel. I did all that work and didn't have flare ups of my MS symptoms. Anyway, I'm writing to tell you about a couple of my Christmas gifts from my kids. The first one is from my son and daughter in law. It is the picture above. I don't know when this happened but a couple of years ago on one of our trips to Disneyland we happened upon the downtown store that had the miniatures in it. Gene said he always loved these and we started collecting them. Now before you gasp in horror, we have "rewards" from our Disney Visa (which anyone who is a lover and frequent visitor of Disneyland should have it) and most of our purchases were FREE! Anyway, this one was a gift to us. It is the Jungle Cruise in Z scale. It is so amazing! You can sit for hours and look at it. I know anyone with an artistic bent would love these miniatures. It isn't so miniature as it is the biggest of our collection measuring 7" High, 12" Deep and 15" Wide. You can read all about the collection HERE.

Then I received a wonderful handbag made by Mary Frances. I have a couple of them and my Daughter and Son-In-Law gave me another beautiful one this year. They are another lovely
piece of art that are all hand made. Click on the picture of the purse to read more about Mary Frances.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I don't believe it is all about giving, but it is wonderful to receive gifts that are thoughtful and come from devoted Children! Thanks guys! I am so blessed!


geno said...


i love you

Marti said...

I am sooo jealous! How sweet & generous your kids are!! Love you.