Saturday, December 30, 2006

We have lost a Great Man, Gerald Ford

Christmas is over and for the past two days my husband and I have been working about 12 hours a day putting things away. It first it seems sad, but then after 24 hours you are ready to shove things wherever they will go. You see, I have a small home. And so things are in the garage waiting to come back in and join our family. We decided to do big spring cleaning and get rid of the stuff we haven't used in at least a year. It is nice to have SPACE again. Gene and Kelly gave us a great picture of their wedding that I had to put in the living room. That way I could look at their smiling faces every day. I will post pictures when my room is back together.

While cleaning and putting my treasures I watched one of our national treasures funeral. I found myself crying several times today. The different parts to the services was very moving. They kept calling him the Accidental President. I say, he
was a man who stood up when asked and did what he thought was right to get our nation back on tract. I couldn't see anyone say anything cruel about him, nor did they say he ever said anything mean about anyone. He appears to be an all around great man and men like Gerald Ford are too few. Thank you Betty and your lovely family for being the wonderful people you are, please know that there are thousands of people who loved and admired both you and your husband.
May God give his soul rest, and your soul peace.

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