Monday, February 26, 2007

Any to share?

I didn't know what to blog about and was wondering if anyone really wanted to read my nonsense. So I did my daily treks to see my Friend Marti's blog, checked out my son's blog, and my daughter's myspace. Then I realized, it was a lazy Monday and nothing was really going on. Jack is off saving the world, I think. And I am not going to start blogging about Jack Bauer. Maybe Eddie Bauer.....

So Marti, how does the recipe club feel about your glut of Girl Scout cookies? I mean how can you eat them all? We are starving here in Boon Town.

Anyway, noticing on Marti's blog she had an ABUNDANCE of Girl Scout Cookies! Hummmmm......I wondered if she would share with me? We love the lemon ones (do they make them anymore?) and my husband likes the short bread ones. Well, as you can see Marti, I stole your picture! I wonder how the your new Cuban recipe guru job will take this? You might have to get rid of all the evidence.

BTW I loved the pictures of Luz's cup collection. She has inspired me to do the same kind of numbering system with the stores so someone might enjoy having them. And if no one in my family would like them then maybe Luz would want them! I have a feeling I am going long before her. (she has already outlived all the women in my family) I love hearing about your family! We are thinking about a nice long trip to DL in October to be able to see all the Halloween decorations. So you will have to keep me posted on when the best time to come would be. And then we could have our Continental game! Maybe I can bring cards with every one's faces on them! (I feel an idea welling) I have to get to bed. Marti, thanks for being my best friend!

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geno said...

this was my kind of post...being that it had the word association of jack and eddie bauer.

i love you