Tuesday, February 27, 2007

At least it is not GREEN!

Here is my sweet granddaughter eating spaghetti. What else would a good Italian girl be eating? I remember hating the mess when the kids use to eat, but somehow now it doesn't seem like such a big deal! The other day my daughter told me she made the multi-colored pasta and CJ wouldn't eat the green ones. How do they know not to like green food? It must be a requirement of childhood! You notice the green vegetables in the picture are not even touched. I did try....I put ranch dressing on them. It didn't work.

Truthfully, I didn't care, if she ate the green vegetables I'm Grandma!


Marti said...

I don't think I'd care if she made a mess, either.
We must have mellowed with age...

Anonymous said...

That is a really cute pic. Send it to me.

Love you