Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Happy Birthday CJ!

My granddaughter CJ had her one year birthday this month! As I was looking at her picture I wanted to compare my daughter's and my picture with her's. I decided to make them all black and white. (as mine was in black and white)

I am such a blessed mom/grandma! Who would have guessed that 50 years would go by so fast?

I am so amazed at grand parenthood. I can't believe how different it is! I am not as worried about all the little things I use to as a mom. I guess it is because I understand how soon it will all be over, or is it because I know today will never come again? Maybe it is because I know I won't remember the messed up kitchen or dirty cloths. But I really think it is because we only see her a few moments a week and don't have to deal with the constant needs of a one year old. "-)

Whatever it is, I am enjoying being a Grandma! Nothing compares to hearing her laugh and seeing her smile. I can't wait to hear her "ummmmm's" when she gets her dinner! I feel as if I am a world famous chef! Happy Birthday CJ and I think your nose is like mine!

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