Sunday, February 04, 2007

A new season!

I can't believe it is already February! I bought a new wreath for my door and life seems good! Doesn't it look great against my fabulous red door. (thanks Marti!)

I have been on LDN now for 45 days. I'm into my first refill. I have been doing great except for a few colds. I would think that was unusual, but everyone around here seems to be having colds and bronchitis. So, I'm not alarmed. As far as M.S. symptoms go, I am still doing great. A few nights I have had leg pain, but nothing like it was. It didn't drive me to tears. I am still a big pusher of LDN and whole heartily recommend anyone with MS, or other autoimmune diseases to consider it as an option for treatment.

In the mean time, Happy Valentines Day!


geno said...

nice wreath!

love you

Marti said...

It is so beautifully festive. You are so "with it!" (I'm jealous)
I don't know about painting the inside of my door, though. It might be red-overkill with my red furniture.
But it looks awesome in your home...
Did I mention that... I.LOVE.That.Wreath. =D