Thursday, February 01, 2007

Why no lead?

So we were out tonight on our walk. Thankfully my husband had seen earlier in the day that there was a motor home parked near the school. We always walk near the school. It seems like a better place to walk with less people and problems. Well as I said my husband remembered seeing dogs in this motor home. He happened to notice a man was out of the motor home and low and behold he had 2 HUGE rottweilers out running free. Now you probably guess from reading my blog that I love dogs. I don't have anything against rottweilers but they are big powerful dogs. You guessed what of the dogs sees us (by this time we had crossed the street and stopped-trying to decide whether or not we should turn around and go back the way we came or continue), then he charges. Now I am not afraid of dogs so I position myself between the rot and our dog. I stood my ground and yelled for the man to get his dog. My husband has one of the heavy large police flashlights and is shinning it into the dog's eyes trying to stop the charge. The dog keeps coming. By this time we are screaming for the guy to get his dog. I am guessing his dogs weighed on the upper end of the scale as they looked overweight. So that means they were probably around 130 pounds, I think more like 150. We are yelling at the guy, and I admit I was angry. We are yelling "GET YOUR DOG"......over and over. Then he goes "I will" as the dog is about 10 feet away from us and in the middle of the street. A passing by car had to stop. The dog did not obey the owner. The owner proceeds to act as if we are over reacting. He says "he won't bite, he is nice". I'm saying, "he isn't obeying you, he's charging us". The guy had to pick up the HUGE dog and carry him back to the motor home. (the dogs feet barely clear the ground that is how big he is) We continued on and got home OK.

It amazes me. Why do people do this? Why do they insist to have their dogs off lead? Why is that guy living in a motor home off of a school? I am sure he is visiting someone but does that give him the right to let his dogs run loose? If he is visiting someone they have yards and fences. We do have a law here that you are suppose to have your dog on a lead (leash). What scares me is that in our city the law is that a dog does not have to be put down unless it kills an animal two times. But they will put it down if it kills a kid. (or adult, I assume) You probably think that is not true. Last week my husband saw a video of a dog breaking through a fence and killing another small dog who was walking on lead with his owner. After the horrendous kill he went over and sat at the feet of it's owners. There was nothing the police could do because it had never done this before and the law is that it has to kill 2 dogs, or one child.

I know dogs can be well trained. I watch The Dog Whisperer. It is one of my favorite shows! I see Cesar with the pit bull Daddy. I love the Christmas book "Carl's Christmas". But come on, if a dog doesn't obey it's owner then why do people let them run wild?

I'm sorry for the rant. I truly hope someone runs across this and thinks twice before they let their dogs run wild.

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Marti said...

I know what you mean.
I just don't "get" those dog people.
Love you! =D