Thursday, February 15, 2007

What's in a name?

Pandora....she was the first woman in Greek Mythology. Like Eve of our Bible she brought all the suffering into the world. Her name means "all gifted". Because of Eve's sin we have a world of sin and death. In Pandora's case she let out all the evil in the world. Eve was given a promise of a redeemer who would come from her line. Pandora also let hope out of her box. I think we can all see the parallel. For some unknown reason my father wanted to name me Pandora. My mother wanted the name Pamela. So they compromised and named me Pandora but called me Pam. I'm sure it makes perfect sense in some world. I always hated my name. Kids would make fun of me. (can you hear the violins?) I never went by my given name. Most people don't even know it is my name. I had a sweet lady come up to me at Christmas time and tell me she loved my Christmas card but who was Pandora? I laughed and said it was my name. (it was on the return address label-which was given to me free in the mail)

As I was searching my name I found out a lot of things......

Some of the things I found out are shown above. Pandora is a Moth. Who knew? Pandora is a flower. Pandora is a hand bag by Mary Frances. Pandora is a cup and saucer, or two. Pandora is a moon of Saturn. Pandora is a lovely jewelry line. (I have mine on now)

In Phantom of the Opera the Phantom calls Christine a "prying Pandora". Aerosmith has a CD named Pandora's Box (I don't recommend it...just a fact).

I am sure I could go on all day. I tried hard to find the picture of the wedding gown I really wanted for my wedding. It was by.....Pandora, but was very expensive. I still think about it to this day. Maybe I will try a quest for Bride magazine published around Spring 1976. Maybe I can find the picture of the dress at least.

...but most of all there is a bunny named Pandora. She is named after, you guessed it, ME!

For the record, I have come to terms with my name. I don't go by it though because it is just too long of a name and takes too much explaining as to why my name is Pandora but am called Pam. I think Pandora has gotten a bad wrap. I mean I can't leave a box unopened? Can you?
Doesn't matter what is in it! It just needs to be opened!


(Do you think I was named appropriately?)


Marti said...

Cute post!
You definitely can't leave a box unopened! ha!
What a weird coincidence that we both put up slide shows today. I thought I was so cool when I loaded that last night. (but then, I forget that you're so cutting-edge!)
Love you and love our Pandora Bunny!

geno said...

such a good post. i love in depth ones with lots of links and pictures...just an A+ all around!

love you