Friday, March 16, 2007

Eggs and The White House!

I really love the holidays and seasons. But for the last few years it was all I could do to decorate for Christmas little alone any other one. I use to do all kinds of things when my kids were young. One of the things I use to do was decorate eggs at Easter time and I would collect unusual eggs. I use to love to go to a local store called The Gingerbread Botique to buy the hand painted eggs they sold. They were exquisite! I understand the artist was even asked to have her eggs featured at the White House. But that was many years ago. The little boutique is long gone and I don't even know the name of the lady that made the eggs. Today I was able to get out the long lost decorations and remember how fun it was to enjoy this time of year with my kids. I have a couple of close-up's here....

Do you remember how the company L'eggs use to put their panty hose in an egg? I loved that! I have one left that my son decorated. As you can see there is a couple painted eggs in this basket. Who ever thought of a dump truck filled with jelly beans?

And the painted bunnies on the eggs were painted by.....ME! That was way back when (maybe 20 years ago). I took a painting class to help with the stress of having a young family. I was never really good at it like my friend Marti. But I liked these guys! And below is my newest addition. It is a cute resin basket by Jim Shore which was featured on QVC. I bought two! I thought I would give one to a friend. Who would like it?

I am a Christian and some Christians don't like all the stuff that surrounds the "Easter" season, and maybe they are right. It is a time to celebrate our Savior's birth, but I always enjoyed the things of spring. New life celebrated! And isn't that what Easter is about? The celebration of a new life, an eternal life!

Well, I enjoy it all! And....I can't wait to get my new addition!

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It sure looks good!
I'm so proud of you Marti!

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Marti said...

Once again you have proven your superiority. I have a basket that is shaped like a big yellow "Peep" because of Eric's great love for Peeps (yes, the marshmallow things). But your egg and basket display has inspired me. I don't usually decorate for Easter. But I may have to re-think that.