Saturday, March 17, 2007

I am smarter than a machine!!!!!

I'm a secretary at our church and for some time now we have been experimenting with producing cost effective bulletins. To the left is the Techko LF 283 Paper folder. I want to tell you about it and how I foiled it's plan to take over our office!

A long time ago in a galaxy without an Internet, there was there was a little church that needed a copier. They rented one for 5 years. This was what all churches did in this galaxy. The thing is they would always start breaking down after 3 years! When you would get tired of calling the tech to fix it you called and complained to the leasing company and then they would get you to get a new machine that "would cost the same as the old one". The problem is that it never was quite the same cost. Always a little more.....This time we waited it out! We called them every time something went wrong (for 2 years). They were obligated to fix it. Now it is sitting in the hall, waiting to be picked up. Which we were unaware that we had to pay to have it shipped. ($600.00) And....the fine print..."if you don't let them know you intend to end the lease at least 120 days before it ends but not more than 180 days, then you will automatically be renewed for one year. Can you tell I am bitter about these people and their way of doing business? Well, it is in the hall awaiting instruction from the leasing company. In the mean time we bought a smaller laser copier, more suiting to our needs. And if it breaks, we will just buy another one since the cost is about 1/20th of the cost of a leased one.

Now, back to my post. We decided to go to a tri-fold bulletin. To save paper cost and time. Well each week we would loose about 20 bulletins to folding mess-up's. It is because the paper curls the wrong way when printed. So I decided to print it backward so the curl was opposite! And I WON! Bulletins folded with no loss! The point? Don't give up! Don't let Hal win! There is always a way!The dinosaur in the hall.


geno said...

excellent last 4 posts.

love you

Marti said...

Which just goes to show that you are ALWAYS on the cutting edge of technology.=D
I liked this post. Gave me a glimpse of the inner workings of that brain of yours.
Love you!