Thursday, May 03, 2007

417! Still tops!

My husband and I love to play Scrabble. I must confess, I am not good at spelling and grammar, which you probably guessed!

Anyway, we started playing Scrabble a year or go because of my son and his wife. They are just out of college and like to play these intellectual games. Another game they love is Settlers of Catan, but that is another story.

They like to play a version of Scrabble called Speed Scrabble. Now, I ALWAYS loose at that because I can't think or move fast. I keep telling them I want to develop a handicap version for us handicapped people. (I use every moment to gather sympathy) I feel it isn't fair if your brain doesn't work as fast as young college kids!

Anyway, here is our latest game. Although I had a bingo (7 letter word) in the 4th round (sonicate), I still lost. He had a bingo too near the end of the game. (beguiler) word was cooler, even though it used a blank.....

As you can see.....the score was 346 to 297. Even so, it is nothing compared to the amazing top words in the Scrabble Tournaments. I doubt we will ever do tournaments, I mean when a word can be VOCODERS and you could get 185 points on one round...ummmm.....I don't think I could compete. I understand to really consistently win, you need great rack management and bingo vision!

The truth is...we play for fun and to help our brains not die. So...we use the Scrabble Dictionary. We don't play the true rules. (there are rules about using the dictionary, I mean how else would you know that urus is an extinct European ox, or that ae is an adjective that means one?) I get a kick out of winning since my husband studies and gives 3 different sermons/Bible studies a week he is pretty good. Not to mention he went to UCR and graduated with 2 majors one in Psychology and one in Philosophy. So when I score a high score of 417 and only went to a couple of semesters at a junior college, you can imagine how I let everyone know it.

So here are a few tips:

1. You must master the 2, 3, and 4 letter words....and I don't mean "he" and "ate"...I mean things like zek, qat, and qi.

2. You must have great rack management. Save those blanks!

3. You must have bingo vision!

4. You must utilize strategery and make use of the double word/letter spaces! This is a must!!!!

5. You must have a little bit of luck!

By the way....strategery is not a word....

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Marti said...

But I am still a scrabble purist - that means NO DICTIONARY.
Haha! fun post. =D