Thursday, April 26, 2007

Administrative Professionals Week

Wednesday was Administrative Professionals Day and in fact this whole week is Administrative Professional Week! Of coarse I let my "boss" know and what a surprise, I received some flowers!

I don't know who comes up with these special days...but am glad they do! I have another one coming! (Mother's Day)

Not to mention May day, which no one seems to know about. I remember being a kid and taking a basket full of flowers and putting them on the door step of my Grandma's home. We would ring the door bell and run! Of coarse my Grandma lived about one hour away, so we never just left the flowers and not visit. I wonder if she put it all together?

One time....several years ago, when my kids were small, someone from the church left a little basket with candy or something in it on my door. (I don't remember what was in the basket, but I do remember getting the basket) They rang the bell and ran. I never found out who left it. I know it was a kid because they made it out of those plastic berry baskets you get from the grocery store. I remember being so blessed and surprised! I love holidays! Especially when they honor me! Happy "Administrative Professionals Week"!

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