Sunday, April 29, 2007

"It May Be Ridiculous"

Bill O'Reilly has made the statement "it may be ridiculous" his own, but I'd like to claim it today! We have been doing our Spring yard work, which at 93 degrees yesterday seems more like Summer than Spring. Anyway, we have been trying to make the yard easier to care for so we can take time to ....... do anything but yard work! (and hopefully help the neighbors with their wondering..."are they going to do something with their yard?" I just don't have a green thumb and with Multiple Sclerosis, I am not very good in the heat. Not to mention my poor husband doesn't really have the time to be dedicated with complex yard care. We don't have a very big home but a we do have a pretty big yard. Most of it is in the back, thankfully. The fence you see in the picture had a fence post that was rotted. So he replaced the post and decided to become creative. He arched the gate and placed a Hidden Mickey, all for my enjoyment. It seems Mother's Day came early! If you are observant, you will notice the Mickey trellis. There are some lovely roses climbing up it. If I am lucky, they will grow and not die! Then along the walkway we planted a plant called "Peter Pan". It may be ridiculous!

Now...if they only have Mickey bark!

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