Wednesday, April 04, 2007

There's a knock on the door.....

As I'm getting ready for work a knock comes. I really didn't want to answer it because I was slightly behind and didn't really want to say "no" to someone selling something.

But I went and answered it and what a wonderful surprise I received. There was a lovely lady standing there with a vase full of flowers. I gladly signed and brought my prize inside. I opened the envelope and there was a lovely message from a dear family in our church. It said "have a blessed Easter". I was truly surprised. I decided to take a picture, then had the idea, put my new Lucifer in the picture.
I mentioned before I purchased a Jim Shore basket for my "Easter" display. Well, as I was searching QVC I came across the Lucifer statue. I couldn't resist. I don't even own cats nor have I ever. But something jumped out at me about this sculpture. Maybe because I just watched Cinderella with my granddaughter. Then I realized the cup and saucer poster my dear friend Marti gave me was currently on my table......It was just a love fest all around!


gene pensiero said...

i love your blog. and i liked this post.


Marti said...

You are loved! At least by your friend who gave you the teacup poster in the picture - ha!
Happy Easter. Love you!