Saturday, May 19, 2007

Horatio Hornblower and so much more!

We had our granddaughter for a few days and now the house feels a little empty. We had such a wonderful time with her. I just love this picture, but sadly it was low light and came out a little grainy. We read to her, we found out she loves a show called "Little Einsteins", we tried to bring ethnic flavor to her life by serving her Marti's Arroz Con Pollo, and a Chicken Broccoli dish that had I consider that Indian. We had two field trips to the store. Which....she didn't like very much. She had a very little bit of a fudge Popsicle and loved to play in our "fountain". (I use the term loosely)

It was a pretty great Mother's day! I find myself melancholy about her being gone. As for the rest of my fun....I received some great gifts...Gene and Kelly gave me the cutest birdhouse. I always wanted to have a trailer like that. Mary, John and CJ gave me the cute Mikey Tiki, which guards my front door, some coasters that have Cecilia's pictures on them....I hate to use them....and a great picture of Mary and CJ. My lovely husband gave me the Horatio Hornblower DVD set, which if you haven't seen....YOU SHOULD!
Wonderful Kelly made dinner for us. It was a nice, big, fresh salad and a barbabcued chicken pizza. It was nice to be so appreciated.

Thanks everyone! (sorry about the blanket...kind of ruins the picture....but I love the picture!)

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