Saturday, May 12, 2007

Safety Patrol

Well it's Mother's day! I can't believe how old I am! Not only old but a Grandma.... but that is not the reason for the post.

I was checking out my son's site and saw he posted a couple of great clips from his college days. He and his lovely wife graduated from Fresno Pacific University. While there he acted in a "safety" video series. Safety Patrol was born during a little R.A. competition. His group utterly decimated our opponents with our 3 part freshman-orientation video. (so he says)

That's my humble boy! Can't wait until you find the 3rd installment!

As I reflect on Mother's day, I see how truly blessed I am. I decided 28 years ago to stay home and raise my two kids and the accomplishment is so amazing to see. Sometimes I felt lost and pretty lonely, but to see the wonderful lives my kids have is the greatest gift. I rarely missed any important event in their lives. I would never change a thing about leaving my career. I took the right path. If at all possible stay home and raise your kids.....if you can enjoy things like this! Happy Mother's Day all!

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