Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Latest Focus,,,,,,

About 2 years ago we purchased a table and chairs called Pistoulet by Powell. At the time the salesman told us there were dishes and other things in the Pistoulet line made by Pfaltzgraff. Lately, I have been deciding whether or not to buy the dishes and start a whole new thing. I have lovely dishes, but frankly they are a little boring. They can complement these nicely...but aren't these so HAPPY?

I decided to get one set of 4 of each of these two patterns. They are simply beautiful. I had my first cup of Val's Cuban coffee in one of the mugs. You'd like to see.....I aim to please!

Isn't that a fine cup of Joe? I have some really cute ice cream dishes coming and can't wait to get them! There are endless gift ideas...for any children that might be reading. "-)

My dining room feels so much happier now! Now what should I do with all of my dishes?????

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Anonymous said...

I love them!!!!!! I am claiming them now!!!!;)

Pam Pensiero said...

You were right on that...didn't even give the others a chance...surprised you don't want the Longaberger ones now.....Love you! M

Marti said...

Those are SO BEAUTIFUL!!
Good choice. I can see Mary is happy, too. =D

gene said...

no 'e-claiming' of new items!!

Anonymous said...

Of corse you can e-claim. You (Gene) don't want them any way. We aren't home enough to claim in person. ;)