Friday, June 22, 2007

We had the baby!

We were blessed to have CJ overnight last night. We had lots of fun, but she did not like going in our pool. She seemed to love her own pool. Maybe it is just something new.

Anyway, here Pappy and CJ are in front of my "Peter Pan's". They are looking good!

We had a fun time and are always happy to have her over!

Here we are trying to brush our hair.....

Side tracked by the Kleenex and the brush....

Done! How cute is she?????

And fun it is to play with Momo while sitting on Grandma's lap?

Be sure to check out Geno and Kelly's sites to see all the updates on their road trip to Montana! Don't forget to check out Mary's blog for more cute pictures of CJ! I especially like the recent ones! Happy Friday!


Marti said...

How cute is she?
Although, the title of the post could be misleading to someone who arrives here for the first time. =D
Cracking myself up... ha!

Pam Pensiero said...

I am pretty sure most people don't get what I meant. In our family we love to do movie quotes. One favorite was "I have the baby"! Which is from Willow. And probably most people don't even know what Willow is. After that the quote goes something like...."I stole it from a stupid fat Daikini while he was taking a peepee!"

Marti said...

We just watched "Willow" last week. (Lucy & Jon had never seen it)
I think it's kind of "dark." =D