Saturday, July 28, 2007

I'm not 25 anymore!

My friend Marti has inspired me to show this cute picture of Momo. She has had a couple of fun posts about her cats and although I generally don't get cats, I have to admit those are some pretty smile provoking pictures. However, I believe the cruel dog stereotyping of her poem was uncalled for. (None of this has anything to do with my post tonight)

See this picture of Momo? That is pretty much how I feel after a few days with Cecilia. I love her and want to see her as much as possible, but I realized yesterday that I am not 25 anymore. My mind feels like 17 but my body feels like.....105! Which is the temperature right now! (That has nothing to do with the blog tonight either, except to emphasise how old I feel!) Momo is a great sport. I mean....she is almost 11 (that makes her 77 in people years). She endures all the tugs and squeals of a 1 1/2 year old. She never snaps at her. Momo is the ONLY one Cecilia will kiss. (I have yet to get a picture of that) She will not kiss me or pretty much anyone else who asks. (not even her mom) She will however kiss Momo, unasked.

For some reason CJ loves the charms on Momo's collar. Doesn't she look like she is saying....HELP ME! Truthfully, I think Momo loves her. She seems to know that she is a baby. Gene and Kelly had CJ for the first night and by all accounts it was a great success! Check their blogs for additional pictures. Well, I am about ready for sleep. CJ is home in her own bed and I find myself musing about how fast time flies and how hard it is to remember my own kids at that age. It seems so ironic that now that I can play all day with a child, my body doesn't let me.


Marti said...

I'm not 25 either! what a rip off! =D
Momo is on the short list of Dogs I Will Tolerate. (he acts so much like a cat!)

Pam Pensiero said...

That is true! Except he seems to like people more than cats....but maybe not your cats. He does raise his hind back when you pet near his tail....hummmm....I can't figure out if she likes it or if it hurts. And I thought you were 25! Thanks for the comment! Did you love the picture?