Sunday, July 29, 2007


Here was my amazing anniversary gift. It is a charm bracelet, but not just any charm's a SHAG Disneyland Charm Bracelet Limited Edition of 1955. This is a beautiful piece of wearable art! The Bracelet spells out Disneyland and in-between each letter are Disneyland icons, SHAG icons and each land is represented. Too many charms to mention but it looks like 32 two sided charms.

What we loved about it is the fact that it was to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the park. The park opened on July 17, 1955. My husband was born on July 3, 1955 and I followed on September 16, 1956. To us (living in Southern California) Disneyland has always been a part of our lives. We have spent the last few years taking frequent trips. Most people think we are crazy or maybe just plain stupid. They think "why do you go there all the time?", "why not a cruise or Europe or Disneyworld?". The answer may surprise you....we go because we love being there and being together. It doesn't matter that we know all about it, in fact that makes it more fun. There is always something new and different to do. When I talk to people like that I ask them questions like...."Have you ever taken a tour at Disneyland?", "Did you ever try and find Hidden Mickeys?", "Have you ever seen the huge waterfall at the Disneyland Hotel?", "Have you seen the koi being fed there?", "Have you gone on the new Nemo ride?", "Have you ever experienced the 'pixie dust' at the Disneyland Hotel?", "Have you ever watched the children outside of Libby Lu being sprinkled with pixie dust?" 95% of the time all these questions are answered no! Every time we go we do something we have never done before. I am not sure you could ever do everything in one trip. Anyway, back to the charm bracelet....we especially loved the charms that were "original" attractions. Back in 1955, there was not nearly as many attractions as there are now. Did you know there use to be a stage coach ride and Indians? To see fun pictures of yesterday at Disneyland click HERE.

"Just a little bit of pixie dust and a happy thought".....

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Marti said...

You totally RULE!
That is a beautiful bracelet. I would wear it 24/7.
I'm glad we share the love...
Happy Anniversary! =D