Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fan mail from some flounder or Roswell craft markings?

I must admit, I wasn't a big Moose and Squirrel fan....but I did like it when they had a "message in a bottle"! They would show something that looked strangely like this message I received today from my laser printer. I was trying to print out our church's bulletin and this is what came out. My first thought...YES, SOMETHING TO BLOG ABOUT!" Remember Rocky and Bullwinkle? They would open their message in a bottle and then they would say...."Fan mail from some flounder?", "No, this is what I really call a message"!

Then I was looking at it and it also reminded me of some recent alien show about the "craft" that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. They had a message like this on some strip of metal. All I have to say about that is.....if the aliens are coming...what is taking so long? I guess you can tell I think it is all a bunch of hooey!

I think I'll stick with "fan mail from some flounder"!

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