Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I went out to get the mail, which is usually a treat! I saw this-
My heat skipped a beat. I know it is important to our system of government to serve on a jury, and I know if I were needing a jury I would want honest people to serve on it but here in Kings County we get jury summons every few months! (well maybe not that often, but VERY often!) When I lived in Southern California I never received a summons nor did I ever know anyone who did! Here they literally come at least once a year. Anyway, upon further inspection, it wasn't for me.....sorry Honey. He had the same reaction too and called them because he HOPED it was for our son, since they share the same name.'s for him!I know mine is on it's way! There seems to be a big need for trials in Kings County.

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Marti said...

reminds me of the Jim Carrey version of "the Grinch":
"Pink slip! Eviction notice! Jury Duty!"
I just white knuckled for two weeks and I wasn't called. (phew!)