Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's a waste of life......NOT

The local paper, The Hanford Sentinel, did a spotlight on my wonderful husband today. Apparently it is a regular feature entitled "It's a Living". When I first saw it I thought of the movie Rocky. Rocky says "It's a living...and then Mic says "it's a waste of life". So I think the title of this feature has negative feelings associated with it. I am sure they don't mean it that way. We left our "real" job 25ish years ago to go into full time ministry. After we gave our lives to Jesus, Gene told me he felt he was being called to be a pastor. I told him we should simplify our life so we would be ready when the call came. We moved from a big home to a very small home. (along with the size of the home, the rent went way down) So a few months later Gene was asked to go on staff at Calvary Chapel of San Bernardino. We were so blessed to be able to serve the Lord. But it wasn't easy. Our salary alone went down from around $3,500 a month (this was 25 years ago) to $1,200 a month. Needless to say, it was a smart move out of the bigger home. A few years after he went on staff in San Bernardino, he was asked to come to Hanford. We have been truly blessed. There is no way it is a waste of life! We have been privileged to witness many things. Some were not so nice, but most are very wonderful. We have seen children born and friends die. We have watched our children grow up, marry and even a granddaughter. Gene chooses to volunteer at the Lemoore Police as a Chaplain. He does this to help the officers and the community in any way he can. I'm proud to have such a great husband! On top of all he does, he fixes pools! (well..not pools, just our pool) What an amazing full life, everyone's should be such a waste!


kelly said...

I, for one, am so glad you chose such a life - I got to marry one of the best parts! Love you!

kelly said...

you are going to LOVE warmth and mineral veil! Warmth looks so dark, but I love the very light color it adds to my face. yay!

Marti said...

I am waiting for the tv show:
"Life in the Espresso Lane"
Love you!