Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Why are there so few condos in Hanford?

After a long day's work, being interviewed by the Hanford Sentinel(look for an article tomorrow), counseling people, figuring out what to do about the café schedule for the fall school year, getting sermons done, my poor husband had to come home and work on a crack in our pool. Ah the fun of home ownership! We bought the house in 1996 for our kids. Truthfully they only really used it for a couple of years, then life went on. Now it is a thing that needs to be maintained. We would like to move into a Condo with a minimal yard, but there just are not many in Hanford. The few that exist are old and need all the things you need when houses get old. We have to fix this crack because you can't sell it with the crack...or we would have to pay someone else to fix it. I use to enjoy owing a home, but now that I am OLD and the house is OLD it just becomes a burden. I want to do things on my days off, not work on the house. I want to go places with my Granddaughter and go places with my husband. Anyway, maybe we can sell sometime in the near future and find a condo...or smaller home with no yard! Until then, our free time is spent doing maintenance.

Thanks Gene for all the hard work! Love you! (Don't fear the reaper)

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Marti said...

Whoa! That's a big job!
I really like how the Disney topiaries are peeking out back there behind Gene. =D