Thursday, August 09, 2007

Still shredding!

I am still shredding those boxes. I do about 1 a week and this is my third box. I am up to 1997, or at least this is the box I am doing now. (not sure if they are in order) I have made countless trips to the bigger trash can with the shreddings. I find myself getting a little depressed. I feel as if I am destroying any evidence of my life. Every now and then I find something I can't part with, like a check from 1976 that was for our wedding cake. Check #232 to Sealy's Bakery this possible?....$63.00. Wow. I am not sure how much my daughter's cake was (maybe I will find a receipt), but I know it wasn't that low. I'm smiling because the checks have surfers on them. It was how I lived my life in the 70' Newport Beach. *sigh*...the time before Jaws and skin cancer! Here is one...check #209 for my invitations.....$21.24. The food? Well....check #245 to Santino's for a meat tray was $185.00. I think my daughters sit down dinner was more around $3,500.00. Wow....

Above and below you see the newspaper clipping I ran across. Gene being sworn into the Police force in January of 1997. I think I will keep these! Still....I feel like I am wiping my life away. Then I remember...I have 2 wonderful grown kids and a grand daughter who carries on my labor. *Smile*

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Marti said...

This post would go under: Why I Scrapbook. =D
I love that you found your wedding receipts - that's the kind of stuff your kids (and grandkids) will get a huge kick out of one day.
They're probably already saying "$63. for a wedding cake! Can you imagine?"
Love the clippings of Gene, too.
Remember: "It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life." BELIEVE IT!
I love you!!