Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Zoo Day

We decided to take yesterday morning off and take CJ to the Zoo. Not just any zoo, but the Fresno Zoo! I know....so amazing! (Amazing that Fresno has a zoo) ;D

Anyway, we had a great time! As you can see we all crammed into a photo booth to take those "fun" pictures. The zoo was in much better shape than in the past. I guess those measure "Z" funds are being put to good use. Truthfully, I never liked this zoo (I use the term zoo loosely), but it was much better. The cages....I mean, enclosures, were nicer and the zoo in general was much cleaner. It was very shaded, which is nice for me, and there seemed to be more people working there than people visiting. One treat was that the prairie dogs were out! I mean...in 20 years I have never seen the prairie dogs out!

And there is the proof!

CJ seemed to really enjoy herself. She especially liked the camels. I don't know why. She was afraid of the little bronze elephant statue. And the tiger, who was very majestic and right near the fence, she hardly looked at. She was more interested in the mist that was going off around the enclosure. I liked seeing the wolves, but they were just laying around by the time we got to their enclosure. Most of the animals were out and about as it was morning.

All in all, a wonderful day! It was even a record cool day, for us here in the valley! (80 degrees!) Now that is something!

Next stop....Storybook land!


A Case of The Mundys said...


Good thing you didn't go on Wednesday! Ewwww!

Pam Pensiero said...

Ewwww is right! I knew I should have not swam in there...I am sure that is why my head hurts! Thanks for stopping by!

Marti said...

It looks like it's right up there with the Santa Ana Zoo. =D
But what a fun outing for you guys! The zoo is such a "granparent" outing.
You guys are TOO CUTE! Love you!