Saturday, August 04, 2007

This is why Hanford will never be a real town....

We moved here over 20 years ago to get away from the busy life of Southern California. Well....that is why we wanted to leave but God had other reasons. Someday I will go into all the amazing facts that brought us to Hanford. But for now I had to share this.

First I want to say that we love Hanford. We love the fact that you can drive to the next biggest town and only encounter a couple of cars. We love the produce stands and the people are so nice. But...there are some things we can't believe. You saw the train posts a while ago. We are always stopped by a train. We adopted the saying "this is why Hanford will never be a real town" about the train. But since then it can apply to a multitude of things. This here is one prime example. I don't think I need to say more, except there is a poster advertising this movie not far from this marquee.

We are bombarded on a daily basis with things like this. For example, I received my water bill Friday. It is usually around $57.00 in the summer. Yesterday's bill was $82.00. I mean...that is a HUGE increase. So we did what any normal person would do and called.


There was no increase (that is coming in September). They haven't sent anyone out to actually READ the meter. So they have been ESTIMATING the amount. They were obviously off, so they had to bill for the difference. The church's bill also came and there was $100.00 difference. (more)

How does a town function like this? I could go on and on if I think about it. Like how our mailman won't get out of his truck to bring our mail to the door (if our box is "blocked" by a neighbors car...not just blocked but NEAR the box so that the truck can't back up).

There is a cute church near our home and we always check out their NEW marquee. They had a really quaint one but apparently it wasn't upscale enough. Well they frequently change the words of the Bible verses they use because they don't have enough letters to post whatever they are trying to say. It is already sun damaged and the letters are always falling off their tracts inside the case.

One of my favorite ones was when we decided to go to the movies on a New Years Eve. They decided not to show the film. It didn't matter that people were there to see it.

I suppose this is the price paid for living in a small laid back town. But sometimes I think they should take pride in their town and businesses by doing little things like getting movie titles correct.

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