Monday, September 24, 2007

Thanks for the great birthday week!

As promised here's a report on my fun birthday WEEK! Gene and Kelly decided I needed to have an entire week of gifts, so they gave me a little gift each day on my desk! It was a truly fun thing! On my actual birthday my daughter Mary made us all lunch and we all got to enjoy her lovely home. Gifts centered around my need for supplements to my new dishes.
Here are my stove top salt and pepper shakers. Those are from Mary and her family. Help me now with a dispute we all have.....does the salt, or the pepper go into the less hole container? I have always done the salt in the fewer hole container, so you are careful not to put too much salt. It seems our family is pretty split on it.

Here is the butter dish from Gene and Kelly. They also gave me a delicious ice cream cake! I just love these dishes they make me smile! My wonderful husband gave me a not-so-common "O" necklace. I really like it since it isn't like every other one-

There were lots of other surprises too. I received some beautiful note cards, a really cute bracelet that looks like hidden mickeys, a purse you see me with above, a really fun singing M.I.C.....K.E.Y....card, ornament (I am always ready for ornaments, see December 2006 posts) and really touching blog spotlight from my friend Marti (not to mention the great movie from Amy). Thanks all!

All in all, it was a great time! Until I met "mak'in bacon" (that's what I call it/him/her)

John and Mary's Christmas dinner......That kind of freaked me out!

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Marti said...

What a wonderful birthday week! Such fabulous gifts, too! You are obviously very loved.
I still have a "project" type gift which I am hoping will be done by the time I see you because I want to see your face when you open it. ha!