Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I stole this.......

11 days and counting! That's right another trip to the happiest place on earth! I stole this picture from my friend Marti's site.

We have gone to DLand lots of times, probably too many to count, but never at Halloween time. I am very excited to see all the fall decorations, orange lights and big Mickey pumpkin!

Ready or not here we come! Soon this will be us!


Christine said...

Only 15 more days till we go to the Dland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pam Pensiero said...

Yeah! Wish we were there at the same time! Maybe next time! Thanks for the post!

Marti said...

Hey! I recognize those photos! =D
We'll have to plot and plan sometime this week.
Longing to see you guys!