Thursday, October 11, 2007

I love a great picture!

My Daughter and Son-In-Love are on a cruise this week. One of their stops was to the Island of Santa Catalina. Gene and I just love Catalina. One of our favorite memories is of a family vacation to Catalina. The kids were young, somewhere around the ages of 9 and 12. I remember the fun they had parasailing, the skin diving, the wonder at the glass bottom boat, the amazement at the flying fish but I think the single most enjoyable thing we did were miniature golf tournaments! Each day we were there we finished our activities in time to have a miniature golf game at this really cute course in the middle of Avalon. It is hidden away near the bus hub and within walking distance of the hotels. But most people don't even know it's there. As I recall, I was the overall winner (we are very completive about games in our family) One thing that I vividly remember was that the owner had several cats that use to sleep on the green and you had to play around them. The would not move for any reason. I believe I have a couple of pictures somewhere of them. Yesterday Mary sent these pictures. Apparently they have a dog now and look where he sleeps! Sorry that I stole your thunder Mary but I just could not resist. I think this is my favorite picture in a long while!

Below is a picture that might be a little hard to make out, but it is of the most amazing part of this little golf course. One of the holes has three entrances that you can choose which one to putt into. The ball magically comes out one of three places and moves along a rail through the rocks, which is what she captured here. See the red ball? It is on a rail path. I remember that being a big hit with my kids. And here she is playing on the same course!

Some of the pictures of the course she sent looked like it was run down. I am a little sad about this because it was such a fun peaceful place. I hope it never goes away for something grander. It was truly a blessing to our family and to my kids families as well.

Great Pictures Mary! Thanks!

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Marti said...

That was so cute!
I remember flying to Catalina on a seaplane and meeting up with you guys. You & Gene were staying at that cool old hotel.
We all went to the local pizza place with the peanuts and sawdust on the floor and played "That's Amore" on the jukebox.
(I think it was the same trip I had the bathing suit "malfunction") =(
Thanks for the happy memories.