Friday, October 12, 2007

Pam's Friday Spotlight....The Bare Necessities!

We all need those little helps. Being a blond from Southern California I really never used make-up much. I was the "surfer girl" type. Sun, wind and natural! But after all that sun, wind and nature I find I need something to boost my lovely countenance.

I have tried all kinds of things but this is by far the best. It's Bare Escentuals. It perfectly fits my old natural ideas. It isn't a liquid but isn't truly a power. It is amazing line of cosmetics. It is light and truly covers. You can read individual reviews at my favorite place to buy it, At either place (Bare Escentual site or Q.V.C.) you can get a trial kit with a DVD to help you with the application. In my life Bare Escentuals has become a Bare Necessity!

Another great product they produce is this:

It is a lovely lip gloss that tingles and makes your lips a little fuller! I just love it. It's called Buxom.

Treat yourself to a little magic!

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