Sunday, November 04, 2007

Another reason why Hanford will never be a real town!

We see stuff like this all the time along the road......not that you can buy walnuts, but that they will buy walnuts! Need cash? Sell WALNUTS!
(I wonder if they would buy pecans or almonds?)

People, I don't make this stuff up!

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geno said...

really good posts recently mom.

i LOVE you!

Anonymous said...

walnuts are really valuable! if you keep an eye on the orchards you'll see people steeling them!

Marti said...

Do you remember that the Dohrs (who lived behind the H's) had a walnut tree? (this post made me remember that) The branches used to hang over the fence and they always had walnuts from that gigantic tree.
I will make Amy check to see if that tree is still there. Maybe she can can make some quick CASH!!! =D