Saturday, November 03, 2007

Of soap and bread!

My husband came to me today and said "I put the sponge in the dishwasher (as we do often to clean it...why we just don't use a new one, I don't know...but that is not important right now) and I guess it had too much soap in it". The pictures are what we saw.

I couldn't help but flash on a story with my Dad. As I said before, most of the memories of my Dad are bad, but this one is funny.

It was one Christmas Eve and my Dad took me out Christmas shopping for my mom. (or that is how I remember it) Why we stopped to do some laundry, I will never know. I do remember it was Christmas Eve because I remember being concerned that Santa was on his way and we would miss him. (there was the Santa tracking report on the radio)

Anyway, there we were at the laundry mat and I remember a scene much like this, only way bigger! (or maybe I was smaller, who knows....the mind is a funny thing) He put too much soap in the machine and then all of a sudden soap was everywhere. Kind of like that episode of "I love Lucy" where she was baking the bread that was expanding from the oven!

Back to my story....I said "Wait, I have to take some pictures!" I couldn't help but laugh and remember that Christmas Eve so many years ago.

What is God trying to tell me?

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