Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday Morning

Here I am it's Sunday Morning, I'm sitting in my living room watching Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld
from Fox News's show called Sunday Housecall. It is a great informational medical show that is on one time a week, Sunday's at 7:30 AM here on the West Coast.

I am wondering if is possible that I can get to Christmas without getting sick? In our area there is a horrible stomach illness going around and a bad flu. So far I've seemed to dodge them. I mean last year this time I had a respiratory thing that lasted a good 6 weeks. I never realized before how "old" people must be in dread of their health. Someone comes around and starts coughing, then get sick. And being old and with an already compromised immune system, that could be a really bad thing.

I find the season this year seems to be rushing by. There are not as many decorations up, at least in my neighborhood. I don't have as many things in my home. I wonder why? In my case, I think it is because everything is just moving too fast and I am moving slow.

Each year I hope to find something different or "new". This is it! Not the ornament, which is fabulous, but we found at Michael's a little thing you attach to the lights and it makes an ornament rotate around. It is so fabulous! We put Dory and Bruce on one and a huge pickle on another one. We're very excited about Cecilia finding the pickle this year! I figure, if she can't find it as it is moving in a circular motion, then she might never be able to find it!
Of coarse that is a very cute set of Disney ornaments. Who knew? Dory, Bruce and Nemo all in glass form. They are perfect ornaments. How about doing the rest in the series? I think Blot would be great!

Here is my little sweetie looking at a Christmas tree with such "wonder". Ah to be so young again! I am to Church. Have a great week everyone! I am hoping to be better with the blogging.

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gene pensiero said...

good post mom. i always like the pictures you choose.

love you!