Thursday, January 10, 2008

Can't why not blog?

It's true, I can't sleep. I don't think I have had a good night sleep in 50 years! Anyway, here I am. I couldn't believe I found that William Shatner rendition of Rocket Man! What a crack up! I have been spending the last hour getting caught up on all my dear friends and family's blogs. Kelly's witty writing make me smile every time I visit. My son's detailed and especially his live moment by moment posts give me a good mental work out. My daughter seems to be as good at blogging as I am . (it's been a while) My friend Marti is having a very full life, as usual. I did find a new game for you, Marti. Maybe I'll get it for you. Did you ever build the longest road? Then I almost forgot one of the most amazing scenes last week.

This picture to the left was taken via my husband's cel phone on our way home from the Vet. It was somewhere in Clovis. I really don't know what to say, that pretty much says it all! I wonder if Elvis will be there?

I really should try and sleep! Have a great night!

Please excuse my rambling..I mean, I haven't slept in 50 years!


geno said...

loved the post and LOVED the picture.


kelly said...

An excellent post. A good smorgasbord of information. LOVE YOU!

And maybe you guys can come over here soon for a breakfast of ableskivers with some latte in the latte bowls, a two-hands mug of cider and a game of You've Been Sentenced! We're waiting for you!