Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday's pick of the week

Just before Christmas, while watching QVC, I saw this handy item! It is a USB turntable Vinyl Archiver. It turns your old vinyl (33-1/3, 45, and 78 ) to MP3's so you can play them on your computer or burn them on a CD. I know most people might think you can just buy the record converted by the "music community". Sadly lots of old music, especially from "the Jesus Movement" are not ever reproduced on CD. We are forced to fondly remember the great songs. Now this little device makes it possible to hear the songs again and even the hope you could hear them forever! (well...maybe not forever, but you know what I mean)

What I love about QVC is that you can try something and if it doesn't meet your standards, then just send it back! Well, this more than met my standards. I was able to record a beloved album called "The Misfit" by Eric Nelson and Michelle Pillar. There were a few skips, but all in all it turned out amazingly! In fact, there seemed to be lots of scratches and several skips, but they didn't come through on the recording. Only a couple major skips marred the songs. I am so encouraged by this little item! If you have any old albums that you miss, give it a try. But you don't have to take my word for the reviews on QVC. Click on their name and put the item #E03699 into the search. I am so amazed by this and am looking forward to rediscovering my fond memories of the Jesus Movement.

And now....this is what I am talking about....does anyone remember the Sweet Comfort Band?

How about Larry Norman?

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Marti said...

What a fun, nostalgic post!
My vinyl is LONG GONE! You're so lucky you still have yours.