Friday, February 15, 2008

Pick of the week is back, with a big thumbs up!

We went on a trip to Disneyland for my darling CJ's 2nd birthday. My usual doggie baby sitter is my son and his wife, "the softer side of Pensiero". This time they came along with us so I had no one to watch my beloved Momo. I have to admit I was very worried about her. She is not a spring chicken anymore. At 11 (that's 77 in people years, folks) she might not do well at a kennel. We started searching for the right spot. We found a Petsmart Hotel in Clovis. Now, we have a Petsmart here in Hanford, but no Hotel part. We went to Clovis and checked it out. We were so amazed at what we saw. The lobby looks just like a 5 star hotel lobby. There were many people working there in plain site. At least 6 that we saw. There was an employee sitting in the lobby holding a puppy who was sleeping in her lap. We took a short tour, talking to the employees and were very impressed. At the moment they were playing "Homeward Bound, The Incredible Journey". There were lots of dogs in the "doggie Day Camp" with 2 employees watching. There was no odor or "messes". It was a beautiful, joyful place. We decided to book Momo a suite, with a t.v.

Before you think we are crazy, let me tell you something. Over the years (33 to be exact) we have left our dogs with friends, left them at home with someone checking on them, and left them at kennels. We have had our dog break out of friends home and end up in the pound. We have had friends "forget" to come and feed them. (good thing we had a "lick-it" for their water) We have had them come home sick from kennels. So it isn't like we are completely weird.

When Gene went to drop her off (I couldn't bring myself to take her) the employees came right out and greeted her with her name, as if they already knew her.

I was amazed at how well she did. They gave us this Pawgress Report, which was very nice. She came home smelling wonderful and didn't sleep for days, like I have had dogs do before when I have left them at other places. She didn't have any signs of visable problems. No coughing. (you have to get them the kennel cough shot, but I have had dogs get sick even if they get the shot) She was happy and her old self when she came home. She loved the dogie ice cream they give for a treat. So, if you are looking for a great place to board your pet, look into the Petsmart Hotel! I'm so glad we did!

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Anonymous said...

Sarah and I visit almost weekly to look at the SPCA dogs and admire all the dogs playing in the hotel! I'm glad Momo enjoyed her stay!