Tuesday, February 26, 2008


You might recall my rant back in November about the BLUE trash cans. This morning we looked out of our front window and saw this....a dumpster diver. Now before you think I am heartless, I know a lot about the needy here in our town. Our church helps lots of people and sadly we know that a lot of the people don't really need help, they just want an easy handout. I really can't give details because that would indeed be cruel. But here it is, a guy going through everyone's trash in our neighborhood. I am assuming the BLUE trash cans are to blame. We are forced to recycle then people can come and take the recycling and turn it in for cash. All the time they raise our utility bill to compensate for the extra cost to process the recycling. If I were a sleuth I would figure out what the story is with this guy. Maybe it is a honest "job" but I still don't like them wandering our neighborhood with bags of trash.

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