Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More than Rent!

We were invited, spur of the moment, for dinner at my son's home. It's more than rent, more than 525,600 minutes, it is a Season of Love! OK, so I'm not original or even smart but I can do math! But seriously, I won't digress on an amazing math problem I worked out the other day. Rather, I'll tell you about our fun night! (I'll leave the math problem for another post)

Geno and Kelly moved into their new home a few weeks ago. It is simply lovely. I of coarse brought flowers! Aren't they beautiful? Well....It isn't my expertise, it's the church's team of wonderful volunteers.

She also "wowed" us with page 266 - Lemon Squares. All was wonderful, then we went outside. We went to admire all of their growing things, oranges, lemons, grapefruit, berries, squash, tomatoes, figs carrots, and lettuce. To their horror, their lettuce was .... smaller. We are guessing a rabbit from the adjacent field or possibly a whole family of rabbits. Now, that I think of it, those holes could be rabbit holes not squirrel holes. I guess living in the "country" isn't as easy as everyone thinks. Still the home is lovely and now the battle for the yard begins!

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