Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stop growing up this very moment!

My heart is back, but I find myself thinking, "stop growing up, this very moment"! For those who don't recognise the quote, it was in the opening of the movie "Hook" where Wendy tells her grand kids to stop growing, this very moment. (or something to that effect) :-)

I was blessed to spend the morning with my granddaughter and am feeling a little melancholy about how fast she is growing up. I know, we all want our children to be healthy, happy and on schedule with their growth, but I can't help but remember my own kids realizing in a blink of the eye we will no longer be the center of her world. The day will come when she wants to be on her own, she will want to be with her friends more than with her "ganma" or "papa". Then there is the long drought of years, between about 5th grade and 25 years old where they are "growing-up". I am pretty sure I won't be available for the great grand kids! (not that I wouldn't want to, but I probably won't be able, if even I am still here)

There will be (Lord willing) plenty of bragging years to come. Plays, sports events, awards, joys, sorrows, but this moment will never be here again. Man, I sound hormonal!

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