Monday, April 28, 2008

Pongo & Perdita

If you are not a Disney fan, sorry.....that is what the next few posts are about. Our trip last week was very eventful as you will see in the next few posts. But this one is about Pongo & Perdita. Gene had this lovely sketch for me. Years ago we bought one for Gene and Kelly. It was of Peter and Wendy (which is what they like to collect). This time Gene had this one done for me. We have been watching a lot of 101 Dalmatians with Cecilia, so it seemed fitting.

We had it done at "Off The Page" in California Adventure. I love that shop!

Right now, as I type, my G & K are at Disneyland and they are posting on twitter. How jealous am I? Well....again, Happy Anniversary guys! Have a great time!

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