Wednesday, May 07, 2008 are about to enter my front yard....or Texas Tea It Aint!

Last week we came home and the dreaded thing had happened, not to us, but to our neighbor. We live in a nice older home probably built in the late 60's early 70's. We've lived here about 11 years. Gene gets up one morning and sees water bubbling from under the sidewalk. After a chat with the next door neighbor to the left we ascertain that it is a broken water main. Thankfully it was not our water main. But it is something these this tract of homes has had to deal with. Beautiful Amber trees once lined the streets. The street just adjacent from ours is called "Amber". They are a force to be reconded with. You wonder, why don't you just take them out? At first we liked the trees. They are 50 feet high and provide beautiful shade from the morning sun and great color in the Autumn. The problem is that we don't own the trees, the city does. So we can't take them out even if we want to. We have 4 of them and one has something wrong with it. Around late spring it starts dropping it's leaves and by the time summer hits, it looks like winter is here. Very ugly. The leaves turn an ugly brown color, curl and drop off. It is very much smaller than the other trees, so there has been something wrong for a long time. They are not our trees but they break our pipes, limbs fall on our cars, they cause the sidewalk to rise thus walking is hard, and their affect is generally negative. We have to petition the city to take the trees out. Gene send the proper form yesterday. I wonder if they will say, sure you can take them out, at your own expense. Funny, how the city's trees can cause so much damage that they are not liable for, but they can't be taken out either. We will see. Maybe the wind will blow our way. I wonder how long it will take to put the sidewalk back in?

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