Saturday, May 03, 2008

Only in Kings County oh wait...Fresno County!

There use to be a weekly segment in our local paper called "only in Kings County". It was kind of a podunk thing and usually an "inside" line. But, I've decided to make it an occasional post about my life here in Kings County. Coming from Southern California, some things strike me as funny. This is one of them.

We were on our way to take our Grand daughter home and I said to Gene, where else do you see streets named 12 1/2, 12 3/4 even 12 1/4? I couldn't resist the need to stop and take a picture of it. It's true, all over this valley there are streets named Avenue 240, or 12 3/4 or anything in between. If you blink, you might miss the signs. Sometimes they are just a worn post in the road with the "name" completely worn off. One of my favorites, right in town, is the corner of 10th Street and 10th Avenue.

What I love about living in this area is that all the "natives" think this is normal! As Gene is fond of saying "just another reason why Hanford will never be a real town". I guess that is why I wanted to move here. Real towns are so ...... REAL.

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