Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday's NON pick....U.S. Postal Service

Yesterday, when the mail was brought in, this was in the pile. Here is just another reason I have no confidence in the United States Postal Service.

This "package" was mailed on April 8, 2008. And "returned" on April 12, 2008, but when was it delivered? You already deduce the answer...May 28, 2008!

Let me define some of my quotes. "Package" is a loose term used for one of my past criticisms. You see, the "package" to the left is the envelope we use to mail out CD's from the Sunday morning messages at our church. We have been mailing them for YEARS in this manner. I weigh the "package", then put the appropriate postage. We then drop them off at the post office. One time, my husband decided to take them to a different post office. Guess what happened? They came back! Why? (you might wonder) Well, when he took them into the local post office they didn't know why they came back, they decided it was because they are not "letters" but "packages". No mind that is how we have been mailing them for at least 5 years. This letter package took 6 weeks to make it back to us!

How about I tell you another story. My lovely husband likes to buy books that are out of print. He ordered a book and it was mailed to us. It came to our come in a ziploc style bag. Inside was the letter package along with moisture, lots of moisture. It was obvious that it had been dropped into a water source. Then when it was taken to the post office the clerk looked at it and said "yep, it's damaged"...then.....(wait for it...), he takes a stamp and stamps it with the word "damaged" then gives it back to him.

Did I ever mention the time someone parked to close to our mail box (not in front, mind you, just too close). The mail man drove right on by. The next time I got mail there was a hand written note scribbled on the top of my mail that said "box blocked". Which was not true.

Or my favorite....I go out to get the mail, the letter carrier (I realize it is unfair to say mail man, as it might be a mail woman, and truthfully, we never have the same person twice) sees me and backs up to give me a package. Now, there was no notice in the box telling me there was a package and he/she did not bother coming to the door. You tell me, what was going on?

Anyway, I go out of my way not to use the U.S. Postal Service. I wish the whole world would! Did I mention stamps went up to .42? And they are set to go up every year in May......I wonder when they will figure out how to tax the internet? You know they will!

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Anonymous said...

great post mom.

i loved it.

Anonymous said...

My... we're "ranty" today. =D
Another reason why Hanford will never be a real city!

Anonymous said...

do you think we could start an old-timey riot, sort of like they did on Beauty and the Beast when Gaston wanted to marry Belle, but he realized that the only way he could do it is if he took an angry, fire-wielding mob to the Beast's castle?

i just went to the post office and was told that I wasn't allowed to mail a letter because it was "too small". and that if I mailed it, the recipient would have to pay large sums of money for it.

i'll be on your riot team if you'll be on mine!