Saturday, June 14, 2008

Toy Story Mania!

Blogging is so interesting. When you commit to having a blog, you feel guilty when you don't blog. It doesn't matter if anyone reads it or not, or comments or not. I've been sorry...but I do have lots of "posts" in my mind. I just have to have the time to write them down on line! One thing that happened since my last post was a virus. Yes, I caught the horrible thing that was making the rounds in our area. I reluctantly went to the doctor and got antibiotics. (due to the fact that the illness became a sinus infection that wouldn't go away)

Then a during that time my husband received an e-mail from Disney. The subject line read "You've Won a Spot in the Toy Story Mania! Annual Passholder Sneak Peek"! We couldn't believe it! What choice did we have? We had to go.

I was so hoping to have a repeat of our last trip. I figured my friend Marti would be going to DL at least one of the days we were there because the days we were there were some of the last of the non-block-out days for annual passholders. I guessed wrong.... :-( She was in Big Bear trying to go on vacation....but she kept receiving text messages from about it HERE.
There is no way I write as great as she does, so I will leave that story to her.

We arrived on Sunday night and promptly tried to figure out where we needed to be the next morning to receive our special ticket.

Here is my sweet husband with the ticket!!! We are off...but not before we got a wheel chair. Yes, I admit it, I gave in to the fact that I was tired and knew I would only get completely exhausted if I tried to walk. I love California Adventure Park, but it has so much open expanse that the walking is overwhelming. Anyway we got our wheel chair and were off.
We arrived at our destination and wow...what a site! We entered the queue and were greeted by
the "barker" Potato Head. (taken from the wheel chair)

Then the area that you board was in front of us! It was bright, clean and beautiful! The cars ride 4 people-two side by side then two more back to back. It is an amazing set up. You get 3-D glasses and then you are off! You go from station to station shotting your gun (for most people you pull a string to shoot, but for us handicapped you have the option of pushing a button, which is GREAT!) at various targets. When you hit your target you get points and sometimes even get misted by water (in the case of hitting water balloons). If you put Buzz Lightyear at a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10, this ride is a 100! I loved it. And even better, I got over 100,000 points. On Buzz
I generally get 1000.

Although the crowds were huge, we had a fun time. I can't wait for my next blogs to talk about how the lost Ark of the Covenant was found! How we solved a secret message left by Indiana Jones, but you will have to check back for that information!

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Great post! I can't wait to go on the ride!